French Park (on film)

Happy May everyone!  In honor of the beginning of one of my favorite months here's the last of my 35mm film photos.  Like the cute photos of Cheesy, these were taken at French Park.  I think this batch really captures the essence of Spring, budding flowers, bumble bees and, of course, blooming magnolias and cherry blossoms.  

First a little bit about French Park.  It is a really great spot to hike, explore, or enjoy a picnic and it's right in my neighborhood, which makes it even better!  However, Antoine and I haven't spent as much time there as we probably should considering it's so close.  But we're going to try to fix that this summer, especially since it's a dog friendly park (hello, summer-time picnics and mini-hikes in our future!).

I was so happy with how this roll of film turned out!  Between these and the oh-so-cute photos of Cheese, I'm smitten!  Stay tuned later this week for a mini restaurant review and a weekend update!


  1. Lovely! I especially love the one with the bee inside:)

    1. Thanks, Melissa! That's one of my favorites too.