Freedom...Well, Not Really

Last weekend, while Antoine and I were working on the yard, we decided to let our cat, Guillermo, outside for a bit.  On harness and lead, of course!  Although we had let our old cat Missy outside before, this was Gui's first time.  I was expecting him to be skittish and fearful because, although I love Gui, he's kind of a big baby.  But, surprisingly, he handled it pretty well and actually seemed to enjoy himself.

Naturally he rolled around on the dirty ground, because he loves to do that.

We only let him out for a bit, but once we get our backyard in order (it's really overgrown right now) we plan on taking him out so more this summer.


  1. He looks quite majestic ... like a lion on a leash. :)

  2. We bought a harness for our cats last year and took them out once or twice, but essentially they just played dead when you put the harness on them. It was actually kind of comical.

    3 weeks ago though, Andrea and I arrived home from some errands and as I pulled in one of our cats was sitting right in the middle of the driveway! Apparently I didn't close the back door all the way. We were really lucky because neither of them have ever been outside and they don't have collars or chips.

    1. Oh no! That would be so terrifying...but the kind of thing that will make you always double check that you closed the back door! You were very lucky. Gui isn't chipped either, but lucky for us he's slow so every escape he's attempted has been quickly rectified.