Kalaloch Lodge

For our first night in Olympic National Park we stayed on the Washington coast at Kalaloch Lodge.  The Lodge sits on a driftwood covered beach, along with a selection of cozy looking cabins.  As soon as we checked into our room we headed down to the beach to walk around and explore for a bit.

View of Kalaloch Lodge from the beach. 

Flowers sitting among the driftwood.

The view from our room in the lodge.

Kalaloch is a great spot that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a place to stay in/around Olympic.  It's especially good for those interested in early morning tidal pooling, as the lodge is really close to some great beaches with tidal pools...but more on that later!

Also, while at Kalaloch we spotted a basset hound...
Sadly though, we didn't get a chance to say hi because he/she was taken back into the cabin after we spotted him/her.  It just made us miss Cheesy even more!

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