Weekend in Instagram

This weekend was a combination of intense cleaning, moderate cooking and extreme laziness.  Antoine and I continued to clean like crazy people Friday night and Saturday morning, and the end result was a pretty spotless house and two tired people...
 A little sneak peek of the guest room.  I love this H&M cat pillow cover that I got for the guest bed, which of course I now cannot find on H&M.  I'm glad I snagged it up when I did!

 A totally clean and organized house (with another sneak peek of the guest room).  This doesn't happen often, so it's kind of a big deal!

 Running on the last bit of energy I had left in me, I decided to whip up a double batch of creamy tomato basil soup (very tasty!) and some classic white bread (simple and delicious, though mine took much less time to bake in the oven).  Needless to say we had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner Saturday night and it was yummy!

 On Sunday we ran some errands and then spent the evening watching Funny Girl (one of my favorite musicals, which Antoine had never seen before).  Then we grilled up some dinner, chicken breast marinated in this (my favorite marninade!) and grilled/baked potatoes.  Antoine had recently purchased these crazy potato people things from Sur La Table, so we tested them out and they surprisingly worked like a charm.  My sweet potato pirate was absolutely delicious, slathered in brown sugar, butter and cinnamon!  Mmm!

And we played some fetch with Cheese, of course.  I couldn't resist taking this video...I love the "click-clack, click-clack, chomp"! Like a tap dancing basset hound catcher!

So, how was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting? 


Life Lately

I know I've been AWOL lately, and I gotta say, I feel a little lost not blogging and not being out taking pictures lately.  But I've been so busy working on our guest bedroom and trying to get the house in order because Amanda and Aaron are coming into town tomorrow.  So basically, I feel like I haven't stopped moving for two weeks...but hopefully that's coming to an end soon.  But not tonight.  Tonight will be CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! 

In the evenings, after I get home from work and quickly eat some dinner, before starting whatever project I'm working on that night, I'll give Cheese his tennis ball.  He loves that thing!  And it really does keep him entertained for hours.  He'll throw it around or just sit and chew on it.  Then every time I cross his path he'll drop it at my feet and I'll throw it for him to chase.  And by the end of the evening, when I'm feeling completely exhausted and run down Cheese does too!
This is what Cheese looks like by 10pm.  Notice the ball doesn't leave his side and he's fighting the strong urge to close his eyes, in the event someone decides to throw/take his ball!

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have a great weekend.  Any exciting plans in the works?  I've still got a lot of cleaning and organizing ahead of me, but hopefully some fun too!  And maybe even a little bit of cooking/baking!


T-shirt Love

T-shirts are like my uniform, I wear them most every day, in one form or another.  I've never been comfortable in fancy clothes, they make me feel uncomfortable and out of place most of the time.  To me, there's nothing better than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans...except for maybe my pajamas (but, to be clear, I am a firm believer that you shouldn't wear your pajamas out into the real world. Not even when you're in college!).  Lucky for me, I work in a non-service portion of the library so the dress code is very casual!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?!  I do!  Anyway, t-shirts have always been my thing.  Here's a little selection of t-shirts that I've been salivating over lately...

 Lazy Club T-shirt from Stay Home Club.  (This is so Antoine and me!)

 Ohio Home T-shirt fromThe Home. T

 Glow in the Dark Bermuda Triangle Tee from Maiden Voyage Clothing

 Nooch the Destroyer T-shirt from Choonimals

 Fahrenheit 451 Tee from Out of Print

Glow in the Dark Cryptozoology T-shirt from Maiden Voyage Clothing.  I couldn't resist including a second Maiden Voyage Clothing t-shirt because they make some killer stuff.  Seriously, check them out!  I'm also in love with these two shirts: here and here

What's your stance on t-shirts?  Too casual? Or amazingly awesome?  Are you super jealous that I can wear pretty much whatever I want to work?!  You should be!

Also, the updating of our guest bedroom is in full-swing so stay tuned for a major update(s) hopefully sometime in the near future!! Here was a post on my original ideas and inspiration for the space, though some of it has fallen to the wayside...but more on that later.  Happy almost Friday everyone!


Weekend in Instagram

 Friday night, Cheese and I watched the Dog Whisperer until Antoine got home from work.  Apparently it was too exhausting for Cheese!  He usually watches it with us, because he likes all the dog sounds.

 Antoine surprised me with beautiful roses, what a sweetheart!

 Cheese proceeded to drool on me while Antoine ate some leftover pizza for dinner.

 Saturday started off with a trip to Ikea, our second trip in two weeks.  The rest of the day included a variety of errand-running and several frustrating trips to Sears (seriously hate them now) and several infuriating phone calls with them...with no happy ending.

Saturday took all the energy out of us and left me with a gnarly headache, so we were all total couch potatoes.  And really, how are you supposed to get anything done with a basset laying on top of you and looking adorable!?

So, in the end, we didn't get most of the stuff on our to-do list we'll be scrambling to do stuff in the evenings this week.  

How was your weekend?


Cheesy Outtakes

When you have a basset hound and you enjoy taking pictures of said basset hound you're bound to end up with a couple of silly photos every once in a while.  And in my opinion, basset hound photos in general tend to walk a fine line between distinguished and just plain goofy...but that's one of the best things about the breed, and about Cheese.  For your viewing pleasure, here's a couple of goofy Cheese photos from our trip to French Park last week...
 We call this look "the Elvis"!
 Perhaps this one should be "the Raspberry"?
 "You talkin' to me, uh-huh?!"
He's just too cute!

Now, this one was a bit more X-rated.  But to make things a little more PG and a little less Wild Kingdom: the Reproduction Special, I put a bird on it...
A la Portlandia!  If you've been living under a rock and have never seen this immediately (fyi, it has nothing to do with dog penises and is totally work appropriate).

Alright, I think that's enough talk about dog penises for one day...Happy Friday everyone!

*For a little flashback, here's two posts from my old blog featuring the silly Cheese-man: here and here.