Cheese (on film)

I was going to save the best of last, but I really couldn't contain myself.  When picked up my negatives and cds last week, I knew the second I saw this picture that all my messing around with 35mm film was worth it...

Look at that face!!  Oh, come on, it's just too cute for words.  (FYI, Antoine was so sweet!  He hoisted Cheese up on his shoulder so I could get a couple pictures of Cheese positioned perfectly with the magnolias.

The classic "Cheese-ignoring-the-camera-and-me" face.

"What?!  Did you say carrot, Mom?  I'm listening now!"  Seriously Cheese?!  You are too adorable for your own good sometimes!  Also, I love how his name tag is just so perfectly positioned, though a accident!

*photos taken at French Park

I was out of commission yesterday with a horrible headache, so I'm a little behind with posting, but stay tuned for more photos and weekend recap later this week!


  1. aw what a darling face on the dog! and love those big floppy ears!
    and it made me laugh that he was hoisted to be at level with the magnolias.

  2. Loving these photos of your dog! He is such a good one for being able to stay still and pose for the photos! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at