Saturday in Instagram

 Saturday was just an all around fantastic day!  The weather was beautiful.  Antoine and I got a bunch of stuff done.  And we had fun just running around and being together.

 We started the day off with a trip to the Civic Garden Center's plant sale.  It was our first time there and I think we'll be making it a yearly thing!  They had a great selection of annuals, perennials, hostas, veggies and herbs. As you can see, we got a bunch of herbs which I am very excited about!

 After we ran some errands and went to the post office, we stopped by Saigon Cafe for a little sushi lunch date.  Mmm!

 After lunch we ran to Mariemont and then to Burger Farm & Garden Center in Newtown where we got more herbs and some tasty soft serve from the little ice cream stand that sits in their parking lot.

 Like I said, the sun was shining and we were just having the best day.

 After all our running around we picked up Cheese from daycare.  I think he had a good time, what do you think?

 After some work around the yard (lawn mowing and weed whacking by Antoine and potting all the herbs by moi) I made my first mojito of the year and we relaxed on the sofa.

And this guy snuggled with me like he likes me or something! (Shortly after this picture he passed out...thank you doggy daycare!)

So, that was my Saturday.  Sunday was quite the opposite.  Antoine's allergies were raging and the weather was crappy, so we slept in and spent the day vegging out and watching movies.  We watched a bunch of movies I hadn't seen: There's Something About Mary (funny), How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (I love Simon Pegg), Wreck-It Ralph (adorable!), Lawless (really good!), and Silver Linings Playbook (the only one I had seen, but I love it...despite the fact it has Bradley Cooper in it!).

So, how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Or did you just take it easy?

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  1. Sushi, soft serve and snuggling. What could be better? The movie day sounds good too. I have not seen some of those and will have to check them out. I should have done that instead of that half marathon. :)