5 Spring and Summertime Favorites

Well, it's Monday.  What more can I say, really?  Antoine and I spent most of weekend cleaning and organizing the house before our trip to Seattle.  Yesterday we took his nephew to the aquarium, which was exhausting.  Then last night I got a migraine and Antoine had to take care of me while I was flailing around in pain.  All in all, not the most relaxing weekend ever.  So, to gear up for our exciting upcoming are some of my favorite spring and summertime things I do find relaxing.

1.)  Walks with my little family, because they are the best!

2.)  Ice cream, of course!  No summer would be complete without it, even if you're on a diet!

 3.)  Flowers and pretty things popping up everywhere!  Right now the irises are gorgeous, but soon the peonies will be in bloom and I'll be in heaven!

4.)  Seeing new places and doing new things with this guy!

5.)  You guys probably think I'm an alcoholic, but I assure you, it's only a summertime thing.  Truth is I'm just mad about mojitos, they are so refreshing!  And I love using all the tasty herbs we have growing on our back porch!

All these photos were created using the new A Beautiful Mess app that I downloaded last week.  If you're not familiar with A Beautiful Mess, it's a blog run by two sisters who are basically going to take over the world with adorable diy projects, cute outfits and pretty pictures!  And now they've added a fun little photo app into the mix.  I had so much fun playing around with the app, hence the entire post dedicated to the fun photos you can create with it.  

So what do you love most about spring/summertime? And how was your weekend?

*A Beautiful Mess didn't ask me to do this post...I just really had fun with the app and wanted to share my little photo creations.

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