Creature Playdate

Last week my sister asked me if I'd bring Cheese over to their house for a playdate with their cat, Yuri.  They adopted little Yuri last year and while they love him to pieces, he's got so much energy that they're struggling to find ways to properly stimulate him.  And their other cat, Gabby, isn't really into playing with rambunctious little Yuri.  Normally the idea of a cat/dog playdate would seem dangerous and kind of insane, but not when you've got a fearlessly energetic one-eyed cat that might have a little bit of bengal in his blood, who acts like a dog.  And not when you've got a dog that is equal parts lazy and friendly and happens to be a basset hound named after a dairy product.  So, here's what happened...

*My apologies that some of the photos are blurry!  It was fairly dark in my sister's house and the animals were not stopping to pose for the camera (and I'm an idiot and forgot there's this thing on my camera called a flash. Doh!).

 Cheese investigating (i.e. sniffing every inch of the house), while brave little Yuri followed him around.

 Cheese wanting to go outside for a walk.  Yuri still watching and wondering what this creature is all about.

 Cheese getting some love from Christian after he and Yuri both tried (and failed, luckily) to steal a sip of Christian's beer.

 Yuri, taking a break from playing.

 Cheese getting all the loving he can from Michelle.

 "Hey! Come back here and play with me, dog!"

"You asked for it, cat!"

All in all, it was a pretty successful playdate.  Yuri wasn't too afraid of Cheese, in fact, he seemed pretty intrigued by him.  Cheese was on his best behavior...though, my sister shortly found out that a basset hound can produce a lot of drool and they have a knack for getting it everywhere!  We're definitely going to try another playdate sometime this summer.

In other news, HAPPY FRIDAY!  Do you have any exciting plans this weekend!?  We'll be prepping for our upcoming trip to Seattle!  I can't wait.  I'm so excited!

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