Happy Almost-Weekend!

Happy Friday, people!  Whew, I thought it wasn't going to come but it finally did.  In a matter of hours it will be the weekend!  Go ahead, you can can do a little dance in your seat if you like.  I'll wait.

Hi again!  Anyway, back to the subject at hand, this weekend.  I'm a little bummed that it's supposed to rain most of the weekend, but I'm hoping that the weather people are wrong, like they are most of the time.  Regardless, there are still several little things I'm looking forward to doing/checking out.

My weekend plans:

  • suspending the diet for the night and eating some delicious pizza 
  • maybe watching a movie (possibly Argo)

  • we might check out the Civic Garden Center's annual plant sale (we've never been) 
  • hopefully painting the guest bedroom 
  • finishing *fingers crossed* The Great Gatsby so we can see the movie next weekend (it's been ages since I've read it)

Sunday (depending on the weather):
  • rooting on some friends at the Flying Pig
  • then going for a bike ride (the first of the season) on the Loveland Bike Trail
  • cleaning the house (and no, I am not looking forward to that!)

Any exciting plans in the works for you this weekend?!

*photos of our window flower box

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