Weekend in Instagram

Judging from the photos it might look like all I did this weekend was hangout with Cheese and drink.  That's only partly true.  Saturday morning I helped my sister out with another yard sale she was having.  
Before I left for my sister's Antoine was sweet enough to make me a breakfast sandwich.

After the yard sale Cheese scared the crap out of me when he started hacking and acting like he was choking...turns out it was only kennel cough. 
Poor sick Cheesy!

Saturday evening, Antoine and I went to Fusian for some sushi and then headed to Party Source for some drink fixings. 
 I picked up a couple of hard ciders, including this blackberry pear cider.  Not only was it tasty, but it was also only 130 calories per bottle...making it easy for me to stay under my calories on Saturday!

We stopped by Yagoot for some frozen yogurt.  I got the caramelized pineapple yogurt, which is now one of my favorites, along with the strawberry and the Italian cocoa.

On Sunday we had brunch with my sister and brother-in-law, but more on that later.  Then, we decided to be bad and not go to the gym.  Instead we lounged around the house, drinking mojitos and watching some movies.  We finally watched The Amazing Spider-Man (so much better than the 2002 Maguire/Dunst version!) and The Place Beyond the Pines (I was expecting another version of Drive, which I liked, but it wasn't...but it was still good).
Some mojito goodness in my new mojito glass! That's right, I now have a glass designated for mojitos!  It was all Antoine's idea, because he knows I'm obsessed!

Cheese wasn't interested in watching the movies, he just wanted to look out the window and dream of being outside. 

How was your weekend?!

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