In Bloom

As far as taking pictures goes, it's no secret that flowers are my thing.  I love them, photographs of them, and the way I feel when I'm taking pictures of them.  They're like my photography crack, I can't get enough!  Oh, and they smell good...always a plus when you're getting up close and taking a picture of something.  Almost everyone knows of my affinity for orchids; they are my favorite flower and taking pictures of them just makes me happy.  Like kid-in-a-candy-store happy.  But only a few people know of my intense obsession with Magnolia trees.  If you've been in the car with me while they are in bloom you've probably witnessed my fascination first-hand, as I nearly go off the road ogling them and saying "Ohhh, pretty!"

As anyone who enjoys magnolias as much as I do knows, they bloom and then in the blink of an eye they are gone!  I know it's probably for the best, considering the danger of me driving a car when they're in bloom, but still it is bittersweet.  They are so beautiful yet fleeting.  And each year, when it comes to photographing these beauties, I just always seem to miss them when they are at their prime.  Not this year though!  I made a promise to myself this year that I would not miss out on taking some magnolia pictures.  And when it comes to taking pictures of magnolia trees in Cincinnati there's no better place to go than Spring Grove Cemetery. 

And that's why, for the last couple weekends Antoine and I have been going to Spring the hopes that the magnolias would be in bloom.  Alas, each time we struck out.  And when we went to Cleveland for the weekend and I heard rumors of gorgeous weather in Cincinnati I just knew they would start blooming without me.  And they did.  So, Antoine and I made plans to leave work early on Wednesday and meet up after work to take pictures...and of course, the forecast naturally reported thunderstorms.  Because the universe was conspiring against me.  So, on Wednesday while the weather was still decent I decided to take a long lunch (using some overtime I had from the day before) and spent an hour and a half running/driving around Spring Grove, frantically taking pictures with the biggest smile plastered on my face.  It was windy and at times cloudy, but I didn't care.  I was so happy!

Now, I may have gone a little overboard!  In a matter of an hour and a half I took a little over 260 pictures...90% of which were of magnolias.  I know, I have a problem.

Here's some of the other 10%.  Does anyone know the name of the middle flower on the bottom row below?  I found them just as I was getting ready to leave and I didn't see a sign saying what they were.  There were white ones and purples ones.  It was a low growing bush and the flowers kind of hung their heads down like little bells.

I hope I didn't overload you all with too many pictures of flowers?!  It is kind of difficult to narrow down your favorite photos from 260 or so, especially when you really love the subject.  Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. Three weeks before running my 3rd Flying Pig, I slipped on a wet Magnolia petal and tore the meniscus in my knee. They are, along with llamas and clowns, my sworn enemy.

    1. But only the dead ones, right? When they're blooming on the tree they're so lovely and non-threatening. It's only once they fall that they become evil and bent on destroying you!