Lake View Cemetery and the Garfield Monument

While we were up in Cleveland this past weekend we took advantage of the warm-ish weather and went to the Lake View Cemetery.  I had never been and was really just expecting a standard pretty cemetery.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Lake View Cemetery is home to the James A. Garfield monument.  I'm not a Garfield history buff by any means, but as far as Ohio monuments, this one is pretty cool!

The monument building contains a statue of Garfield, beautiful mosaics and stained glass, and, in the lower level, Garfield's casket.  Oh, and the building is dotted with dog-like gargoyles.  Gargoyles are cool, you can't deny that so don't even try!

The rest of the cemetery was pretty nice as well, though no Spring Grove.  Still, I'd definitely recommend it...if you enjoy pretty cemeteries, like I do.

In other news, I have the day off from work.  Yay!  Antoine has to take his brother to the airport, so we both took the day off to do something fun together...just for the heck of it.  It's like playing hookie, but not!  Happy Thursday everyone.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the last of the Cleveland-related posts (I swear!).

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