Spring Grove (on film)

Happy weekend everyone!  Today my sis is having a garage sale and my mom is helping out.  Then we're heading over to Crafty Supermarket for a bit and grabbing something tasty for dinner!  And Antoine and I will be hitting the gym hard to work off said tasty food!  But I felt like this might be a good day to do a rare Saturday post since, you know, I've got three different rolls of film to share with you all.   

So, my lovely sis lent me her SLR and I was really excited to start shooting on a more manageable camera.  So where's the first place that comes to mind to snap some photos?  You know it, Spring Grove.  I know what you're thinking, enough with Spring Grove already!  Oh well, it's done.  It happened.  But I promise to take a break from Spring Grove for a least until May.  (Hehe!)

Shooting with the newer, not-so-confusing-and-dysfunctional camera went well and I was pretty pleased with how roll two turned out.  I think these were a big improvement on the first roll.

I'd say roll two turned out "fairly well".  But make sure to stay tuned for the third and best roll later this week.  There's some really sweet shots that I can't wait to you to see!  

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