Pierogies and Hot Dogs

Cleveland really has become my favorite Ohio city when it comes to food!  You've got fun comfort food places like Melt Bar & Grilled and Lucky's Cafe.  You've got a slew of Michael Symon spots (of which I've only been to Lolita, but it was pretty awesome).  And then there's Sweetie Fry, which definitely doesn't disappoint on the sweet treat front.      

There's also a plethora of deliciousness within Cleveland's own West Side Market.  Located just south-west of downtown Cleveland in Ohio City is a chaotic haven for food fans known as West Side Market.  One of the best parts of West Side Market, in my opinion, is Pierogi Palace...and my sister will wholeheartedly agree with me on this.  Their homemade pierogies come in a wide variety of flavors ranging from traditional potato and cheese to creative bourbon chicken, bbq pork and peanut butter/banana. My favorites are the loaded baked potato and the bbq pork.  So tasty!  And, the best part, they're not too bad calorie-wise and they're really filling.  I highly suggest you check Pierogi Palace and the market out the next time you're in Cleveland, though a word of warning...the market on a Saturday is not for the faint of heart, that place is crazy packed on the weekend!

After a quick stop by the market to stock up on pierogies, you can continue driving further west for about 5 or 10 minutes and find a little unassuming dive bar called Happy Dog.  And there you will find awesomeness in hot dog form.  Oh, and about a million different things to put on top of said hot dog (or veggie dog)!  Don't believe me, here's the list of 50 or so toppings!  And the best part, you can pick as many as you want and it's only $5 for the dog.  And for $3 you can get a basket of fries or tater tots with any of 19 different dipping options. 

Happy Dog magic, complete with delicious dogs (and veggie dogs, so says Amanda and Aaron), awesome toppings, a great beer list, righteous tots and fries with some pretty kick-ass dipping options.  Of their sauces, my favorites are the roast garlic aioli, the bacon balsamic marmalade and the Brazilian chimichurri.  So good!

A close-up of Antoine's dog, complete with bacon, blue cheese slaw, grilled onions and a fried egg.

My dog with bacon-balsamic marmalade, grilled onions, brie, bacon and blue cheese slaw.  Yum!

Happy Dog also serves up some great live music.  Sometimes you can find great local musicians there, like my wonderful cousin Christa, also known as Uno Lady, or her talented boyfriend Tony Cross' band, Little Bighorn.  I highly recommend Happy Dog and my talented musical family members, if you're in Cleveland you should check them out!

Also, Happy Friday everyone!  Does anyone have some great plans in the works?  I'm planning to hit the gym for the first time since my ankle injury and maybe get some reading in.  And hopefully enjoy the wonderful weather we're supposed to have on Sunday!


  1. I want to see pictures of pierogies!!!
    But now I want a hot dog and not just any dog. I want a Happy Dog. :)

    1. Oh, sister, you know the only place you need to look to see pierogies is in your fridge!

      You'll have to make sure to go the next time you're in Cleveland! I'd highly suggest the chimichurri if you haven't had it, I tried if for the first time and boy-oh-boy is it tasty!