Experimenting with Film

Lately I've been wanting to play around and experiment shooting with 35mm film, for several reasons.  Mainly because it's so easy to go overboard with a dslr, trust me I know.  Just hand me my camera and put me in front of some flowers and a half hour later I've got easily 150 shots.  But it's totally different with a 35mm, as I quickly found out.  Whereas usually I'll take 2 to 4 shots of one subject from slightly different angles, that's really not an option with film.  Well, it is, but it'd cost you a fortune in film and processing fees!  Also, I like the idea of shooting with film because there's something nostalgic about it.  And I like that dreamy, yesteryear quality it has.

So, in January I picked up an ancient and hard to use manual SLR and went to experimenting, shooting with some equally ancient film.  And the perfect day to experiment came in the form of my brother-in-law's surprise birthday party.  After a surprise brunch at Crave (meh!), a group of us went to the Taft Museum of Art, which is free on Sundays.  It was Antoine and my first visit to the Taft and we had a good time.

After the Taft, Antoine and I headed over Findlay Market to pick up some goodies and just walk around for a bit.

Then we headed over to Newport to see a movie, though I couldn't tell you what we saw...because it was January and now it's almost May!

This was the only roll I shot on this particular camera.  It wasn't user friendly and most of the roll just didn't turn out well.  Plus it jammed on me when I was rewinding the film, tearing off some sprockets.  But then my wonderful sister got me a bunch of film for my birthday and let me borrow here not-so-ancient SLR.  So, stay tuned next week for a couple posts "on film".  But until then happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Any good plans?!  My mom is coming into town this weekend, so we've got a couple fun little things planned!


  1. So this spring I decided to try my first roll of 35mm film in a borrowed Nikon SLR. I took the camera and a roll of Kodak TMAX 400 BW film to the Smokey Mountains for easter weekend. I took what I'd like to think are amazing Ansel Adams quality photos all over that weekend. I came home and took my film (mind you this is my first roll ever) to Walgreens to be developed. A few hours later they call me and say "We are sorry we didn't realize that this was B&W film and we developed it as color. We have ruined your negatives. All we can do is give you a free roll of film and set of prints"

    I was devastated. I swore off film for the rest of my life. Maybe someday I'll go back. I'd like to start developing myself someday (I have all the darkroom and enlarger equipment). But I wish you the best of luck and if you have a Nikon SLR I have a ton of lenses if you ever want to borrow any.

    1. OH NO! That's so horrible!! I only do it here and there, because I'm so paranoid that they won't turn I usually only take film photos when I also have my reliable DSLR with me as well, and it's not often that I want to lug around two cameras! Plus, I like to take several shots of the same thing from slightly different angles, and you can't really do that with film...well, you can, but you'd blow through a roll real quick!

      I took my first set of film to Cord Camera in Kenwood and they were great...but not cheap! I have another roll ready right now and I'm thinking about trying out Drug Mart (I believe there's one in Mason), because I've heard good things. We shall see!

  2. You should check this out (watch the video)

  3. Very cool! I'd have way too much fun with something like that!