[Food & Fun] Weekend in Instagram

Whenever we go up to Cleveland to visit my bestest friend and her awesome boyfriend for the weekend we're always guaranteed to a.) have a great time and b.) eat too much deliciously bad-for-you food!  This weekend was no different!  We started off the weekend with a trip to Sweetie Fry as soon as we got into town.  It's a place just down the street from Amanda and Aaron's house that specializes in unique fries and ice cream.  Antoine and I opted to share some bacon cheddar fries, while he got apple pie ice cream and I got my favorite, goat cheese ice cream with honey and walnuts.  Yum!

Saturday we ran around town, but more about that later!  We ended the night with a visit to the iconic Melt Bar and Grilled.  Always generous, always creative and always satisfying!  God, I love that place...but I am so glad it's in Cleveland and not Cincinnati because I would eat there all the time and then my heart would explode!

 Oh, you know, just a friendly giant elf hanging out in the waiting area.

 Amanda and I each tried the drink special, a basil sea breeze.  Delicious!  I'm totally going to try making my own version this summer!

 Antoine got the Monte Cristo [pictured], which was beyond delicous, and I got my usual, the Parmageddon.  I subbed my fries for a cup of their roasted garlic tomato soup, which was fantastic and I'd totally get it again!

 The four of us decided to be brave and split their weekly bread budding special which was called "Roger Dorn's Grandstand Blitz" (a la Major League).  "Sweet peanut butter and salty roasted peanut bread pudding topped with caramel and real crackerjack. Garnished with vanilla ice cream, crushed peanuts and a crappy toy." Holy crap, we DEVOURED that shit like we were rabid vultures who hadn't eaten in weeks.  It was magical!  And the crackerjack garnish totally made it.

For $5.50 we were expecting a small-ish dessert...oh, silly mortals!  You should never expect anything at Melt to be "small" or "normal-sized".  People who've never been and glance at the menu probably think, "$8 to $14 for a grilled cheese sandwich and fries? Seriously?!"  Then they order and see the mammoth grilled cheese of awesomeness set before them and they understand.  They understand that Melt is really just being generous!  I've never gone to Melt, ordered a grilled cheese and finished the whole thing.  Never!  But that's one of the best parts, the leftovers.  The next day you pop ther second half of your grilled cheese in the oven (open-faced) for a couple minutes and it tastes just as good as it did the day before.  Even when you're now 250 miles away from that wonderful mecca of grilled cheesy goodness.  Ahhh, Melt.

Anyway...*wiping drool from lip*...we finished out the night with some wine and a couple rounds of Cards Against Humanity.  It was Antoine and Aaron's first time playing and we had a ball.  If you've never played, know that you will be appalled/disgusted/repulsed but you will also laugh your ass off and you will find it difficult to stop playing. I totally managed to win a round this time...mainly because Antoine appreciates my weird sense of humor and kept picking my cards.

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