Crafty Crushin'

This weekend Crafty Supermarket released their list of vendors for their Spring 2013 show on Saturday April 27th.  If you've never been to Crafty Supermarket, I highly recommend it.  Imagine a building full of fantastically awesome Etsy stuff.  That is what it's like in a nutshell, and it is magic!  It happens twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Winter!  Aka, two times the awesome.  A word of warning though, it is dangerous!  It's hard to walk out of there without making several random purchases you didn't intend to make.  But you're supporting (many local) artists and crafters, so it's all good.  And it's a great place to find gifts for friends or family (or yourself)!

Anway, since I'm still working on editing some pics from our trip to Cleveland this weekend, so I thought I'd share some of my personal favorites from the list of this year's Crafty vendors! 

So in love with these personalized state necklaces from Brooke Medlin!

 Adorable cards and prints from Buck and Libby!

 Lavender tea spa bar from Cincinnati soap makers Orange Fuzz.  Their black coffee soap sounds equally wonderful!

 In awe of 1337 motif's handcrafted cutting boards, especially this fan patterned one!

 Burrowing Home's Rorschach prints are utterly amazing, but it's Kelly's barn owl print that's got my attention!

Super cool smartphone dock from Stak Ceramics.

How could you not fall in love with this adorable hippo and rhino from The Wind and The Sail?!  Any of Laura's stuffed animals would make the perfect gift for a little niece/nephew or friend who is expecting!  And many of the creatures are customizable, so you can choose which fabrics you like best!

I hope you have the opportunity to check out the Spring Crafty Supermarket show if you're in town April 27th, especially if you've never been before.  It's a great way to support independent artists and crafters, and it is just a fun way to spend part of your Saturday!


  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for the shout out! Hope to meet you in person at Crafty Supermarket! :) xoxo- Megan, from Buck & Libby

    1. Hi Megan! No problem, I love your stuff! Your prints and cards are beyond adorable. Best of luck at Crafty, it's always so much fun! And hopefully I'll see you there! Thanks for visiting my blog, all the best - Jessica