Edible Books '13

Monday was our annual Edible Books festival at the library!  It's one of those things that I really get into and enjoy.  You can find information about the International Edible Books festival here and some highlights of previous years/my past entries here and here. This year I meant business so Antoine and I set out to finally win.  I kept my idea under wraps (from everyone at work) and spent most of Easter Sunday working on it...and it finally paid off!  This year I won Best Overall edible book!!  Which really means nothing, there's no prize or anything (though there is for best student submission) except some edible books street cred.  Still, I'm thrilled!  So, without further ado, this year's Edible Books Festival...

 This year I knew I wanted to make a cake shaped like a book with marzipan characters.  So, I went for another classics, Grimm's Fairy Tales.

 Antoine made this cute frog for The Frog Prince.  Isn't it adorable?

I made this little red riding hood and big bad wolf.


 My boss, Holly, stuck with here favorite theme, most gruesome.  This year she did She's Come Undone and created various body part cookies.  She made her own cookie cutters out of wire, how awesome is that?  I love the fake blood/red corn syrup!

Here's some of my other favorites from this year...

I'm already looking forward to next year, though maybe since I finally won I won't be as competitive about it next year!  Or maybe not.


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    1. Thanks, Natalie! It's just a fun event and I look forward to seeing what creative things people come up with. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm such a big fan of yours!