Hawaii: Part 8 (Our First Day in Oahu)

Before planning our trip to Hawaii I had always assumed that you could easily hope between the different islands via a ferry.  But as it turns out, that is not the case.  Really the only way to get from one island to another is to fly, which I was initially bummed about.  But in the end it wasn't bad at all.  We got tickets for about $70 each and it was the shortest and prettiest flight ever!

Once we landed in Honolulu the first thing on our list, after getting our rental car, was to grab some lunch at Hank's Haute Dogs (a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives spot).
Their food truck that was parked in the parking lot next door.
The crazy mural beside the parking lot!
We each got a dog (I got the chili dog and Antoine got the fat boy) and then we shared some onion rings and fries.  Sorry I didn't get a photo of the actual hot dogs...I might have been a little hungry.  Everything was tasty, but my favorite things were the garlic aioli and the furikake ranch dipping sauces!  They were amazing!
Also, while we were eating we were being stalked by this guy!
And after a while his friends joined felt a little like The Birds (except instead of smoking cigarettes we were eating hot dogs).

After lunch we made our way to Kailua where we stayed all four nights we were on Oahu...and I'm so glad we did.  Neither of us really cared for Honolulu or Waikiki.  It was too congested and felt far less authentic to us.  But Kailua was a nice alternative to staying in the capital, since it was only about 30-40 minutes away and still had plenty of places to stay, eat, shop, and go to the beach.  For our first two night we stayed in this adorable little micro-house, which was great!  It was quiet and comfortable and within walking distance of a lot of great food options.  After we checked in a got settled we hoped in the car and headed down the coast to explore for a bit.
I think this is from the Wawamalu Beach Park.

I think this is at the Halona Blow Hole...maybe?
Awesome little swimming area that was teeming with sea turtles.

And I have no idea where this photos are was just a small beach park that we decided to stop at and dip our feet in the water for a bit.

And then we say a rainbow, which is always cool (and apparently very common in Hawaii...since it's on their license plates).

Isn't it crazy that it's already Wednesday?!  I totally meant to have a post for you on Monday, but the last couple day/week have been rough.  Apparently, my fall the first day of our trip did a little more than just bruise my apparently left me with an inflamed disk in my back that has been causing me a bunch of grief over the last couple weeks.  But I'm on the mend and back to posting, so yay!

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