Happy Graduate!

All they way back in mid-May my sister, Michelle, graduated from Xavier University (my own alma mater)!  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to share the photos I took of this momentous occasion, you know what with planning a secret wedding and all, so I wanted to share them now since I am beyond proud of my big sis!

Here's the thing you need to know about my sister...she's kind of amazing!!  She's been a travel agent for like 22 years now (can you guess where I got my passion for travel from?!) and an awesome one at that.  Before I moved to Cincinnati in 2003, Michelle was not only working full-time as a travel agent but also part time at a local pub.  Then she opened her own tea house, The Tea Cozy Cottage, where she served high tea two weekends a month (all the while still doing the travel agent thing), until December 2011.  And throughout all of this she was taking classes part time at Xavier.  We were actually lucky enough to take a couple classes together while I was going to school there, which was pretty cool...even if she drove me a bit crazy sometimes!  And on May 17th she finally graduated with her Associates degree!  It was such a big accomplishment that has been many years in the making and I couldn't be more proud of her, her never-ending energy, and her admirable drive and passion!
 See the adorable red-head in the middle who looks so excited...that'd be my seester!
Family and friends ready to cheer on Michelle.
 Oh, seester, you are so adorable!
  Making her way up to the stage!
 Do you think she's excited!?!
 It's time!

After graduation we had a little party for Michelle at Swaim Park in Montgomery.  Antoine and I had this sweet banner printed for the party...
 Amanda and Aaron being adorable!
And a moment later...hahahahaha!  I have no words.
  Michelle posing with our mom and dad.  And yes, she did wear her cap and gown for the rest of the party and I think most of the day!
 Christian and the happy graduate!
Swaim Park.
 The best friend bunch, back together again!  I love these ladies so much!

We definitely had a good time celebrating my sis and her big accomplishment!  As you can tell from the photos she was all smiles, all day (though that's her most of the time)!  Then the following day, over breakfast, Antoine and I told my parents, sister, and brother-in-law that we were eloping in Hawaii!!  That's right, they had no clue until the weekend before we left for Hawaii!  Antoine and I had been nervous all weekend (and for a long while before, to be honest) and when Sunday came around we were relieved that no one was upset and everyone was just happy for us!  So, all in all, it was a pretty eventful weekend!

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