Our Elopement

Last night we finally received the photos of our elopement from our photographer, Karen Loudon!  We had eagerly been awaiting their arrival for the past month or so and we were nervous about how they would turn out...mainly because we were both major goofballs when we were having our photos taken, so we were pretty sure we ruined everything!  We're super positive people, can't you tell?  But, fortunately, the photos turned out amazing and we are beyond happy with them!  And we are so grateful to Karen, who was able to capture these images despite the fact that Antoine and I have no clue on how to pose for pictures...
 A detail from the Waipio Rim B&B.
 Me, pretending to get ready.
 At the start of the ceremony, before we got really sweaty!
 I like this one because I'm stealing a glance at Antoine while his eyes are closed!

 One of my personal favorites!
 This is what happens when we try to "pose"...goofballs!  But it's still pretty cute, right!?

 Another personal favorite.

 This was such an uncomfortable position for me, but it was totally worth it because I love this photo!

Now for the outtakes, which are definitely on my list of favorites because they are totally "us"!
 Wiping the sweat off Antoine after "the big kiss"!  It was so flipping hot since we were standing right in the sun!!  We would actually take little pauses throughout the ceremony just to wipe the sweat off our faces.
 I think this was the "what?! we're married?!" realization!

After the ceremony one of the first series of photos we took were the ones where I was on the swing by the tree.  When Karen said, "how about you get on the swing and we'll take some photos there?" I'm pretty sure I gave here my umm-WTF?-face!  I was so terrified to get on the swing and then, near the end of that series of photos, Antoine decided to push the swing and I FREAKED OUT!  But the resulting images are kind of hilarious, even though at the time I wanted to punch him...
This is such a bad/funny picture of me, but I love the look on A's face!

location : Waipio Rim B&B
photographer: Karen Loudon
officiant: Chery Pascual
dress:  Modcloth
earrings (which you can't really see): Shlomit Ofir

*Please do not copy/use these photos they are for my personal use only and are copyright Karen Loudon Photography.

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