A Walk on the Fourth

Let's rewind for a bit and go back to July 4th weekend.  I took a bunch of photos that weekend, but of course I was too busy editing and sharing Hawaii photos to think about them, until now!  Our fourth of July weekend was very laid back, mainly because my back was still bothering me.  But I was also getting antsy from spending most of my evenings resting indoors so I was dying to get out of the house and do something.  Antoine and I decided to go to French Park and take a long, slow walk with Cheese...
I really don't know who likes French Park more, us or Cheese!  It's such a great park.

I love when Cheese gets a burst of energy and goes nuts!  It's so much fun to watch him run around!
Haha, this just makes me smile!
And just like that, the energy is gone!
After his running spree Cheese proceeded to pull Antoine over into the shade of a tree and plop down for a while.  Poor guy!

I'm not going to go on and on about how much I love this place, because that's already a widely known fact in these parts.  But there's just something about a walk in the woods when you've been laid up in the house for a couple weeks that brings you back to life...even if it does leave you a little sore in the end.  I have some more French Park photos and July 4th weekend photos to share next weekend.  Until then, happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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