Super Simple Mirror Update

Okay, so confession, this mirror update is so simple that it's probably not worth posting...but oh well, I'm going to anyway.  I love how easy it was and I wanted to share some helpful links and whatnot.  Plus, it's Saturday, so there!

Again, this wasn't my original intention with this mirror, but like with the desk I had to adjust my plan a little bit and I'm happy with how it turned out...
Way back in April I had hopes of disassembling the mirror (like I did), painting it some dreamy pastel color (maybe a light turquoise or a very light grey), and mounting it on the wall.  In the end, silver paint won out because the walls were pastel enough for me and when I got the thing apart I realized that the mirror was so heavy that hanging it on the wall, with our old crumbly walls, just wasn't going to happen.  Thus, the silver leaning floor mirror was born.

Here's what the mirror looked like before it got its little update, well, after I disassembled it.  It was a craigslist find that we picked up for like $15 a year or two ago.  The base was a little rickety, hence why I wanted to take it apart and spray paint it.

On the sides were little brackets where it had been screwed into place on the base.  Antoine easily popped these off for me with a pair of joint pliers, then I patched up the holes with some wall spackle we had lying around, and sanded it smooth once it was dry.

When it came to spray painting the mirror, I used Valspar spray paint and Design Sponge's "before and after basics: spray paint" for guidance.  I love their "before and after basics" series and highly recommend them to anyone!  With the guest bedroom the sanding 101 and the polyurethane 101 tutorials have been extremely helpful.  With this mirror I was actually able to unscrew the back and take the mirror out of the frame, so I didn't have to deal with taping it up. 

After probably five or six light coats of spray paint the mirror was done!  Super easy.  And I found a nice little spot for it inbetween the door and the night stand.  In the end I think I like it better there than where I was originally envisioning it on the wall.  Note my photographer's assistants, Cheese and Guillermo. They like to keep me company and make sure I'm doing a good job.  And you can kind of make out the nose smudges on the bottom of the mirror where Cheese was admiring my work checking out his handsome reflection!  Oh, those creatures...I love them!

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