Ault Park Garden Love

I love Ault Park and its beautiful gardens, so Antoine wasn't at all surprised when I suggested we stop by Ault Park on our way home from Alms Park a two weekends ago.  And Antoine, being the awesome and loving fellow that he is was like, "Yeah, sure! Let's go!"  I just love how he's usually up for whatever and so easy going.

Anyway, it was pretty hot and humid out, but I was totally okay with it because there were so many things blooming and so many insects and creatures out and about.  Here are some photos I took, and you shouldn't be at all surprised that they are all of flowers and bees/insects...
These creepy, tiny yellow bugs were all over this plant.

More proof of how much Antoine likes me, he even holds plants in place so I can take pictures of bugs!

It was just before sunset and the light was streaming in through the gardens in the prettiest way and I couldn't get enough of it!

Have you noticed this summer that I'm really digging bumble bees?  Yeah, I'm kind of fascinated with them, and their fuzzy legs!

Not caught on camera, two chipmunks engaged in a rather loud and crazy wrestling match!  Usually chipmunks are all kinds of cute, but I didn't want to stick around to see one or both of them get hurt, because it definitely looked like that was about to happen.

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