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If you haven't already noticed, I've been on a cooking/baking/jamming kick lately!  I think there's just something about the arrival of Autumn that just makes me want to be in the kitchen.  Since I've been pinning recipes like crazy as of late, I thought I'd share some of my favorites that I've made and some that I desperately want to try out!

Things I've made lately and loved:

This blueberry peach crumble and an apple crisp, both with some very minor modifications.

As far as jammin' goes, so far this year I've mades these: strawberry vanilla jam, honey lemon [spiced] apple jam, nectarine raspberry freezer jam, strawberry freezer jam, orange ginger marmalade (pictured), and pineapple jam.


I made a three layered carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

    We've also been on a bit of a soup kick lately.  It started with the best creamy tomato basil soup I've ever made, which I found on Shared Appetite.  As soon as Antoine and I finished off this soup we were already craving another batch (and I intend to make some more very soon!)

    To go along with the tomato soup I made some classic white bread using a recipe from the back of a Gold Medal flour bag.  It became grilled cheese sandwiches, of course!
    I also recently made a batch of potato leek soup that I found on the Food Network (though I added a couple garlic cloves to it!)


    Recipes I desperately want to try out:

    Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Mine will be busy.  I'm on a committee that has been planning our staff family picnic for work, and it's I'll be running around like a crazy person.  Hopefully I'll get some down-time on Sunday!

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