Sunburst Granny Square Afghan

One of the main reasons the guest bedroom took so long, besides for fact that Antoine and I kept saying we were going to paint the room "next weekend" and then didn't, was ultimately due to my gift for procrastination.  Seriously, it's a gift.  I'm so good at it that it's scary.

I started working on this sunburst granny square afghan about 4 months ago, then I ignored it for about a month and a half, and I finally finished it about 5 weeks ago.  Voila! Granny square awesomeness...
I think it's probably one of the best things I've crocheted in a long time.  I'm totally in love with it!   

I used this pattern (such great instructions!) and it was pretty easy.  I actually made all the round parts first and then created the squares at the end (and I used this method to connect the squares).  I'm really digging the colors I chose; I used the Simple Soft yarn except for the off-white portion (because the Simply Soft off-white was too yellowy).

Happy Friday everyone!  Any great weekend plans in the works?  We are hoping to go apple picking, since it's been years and years since we went and it was so much fun!

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  1. That settles it. I'm moving into your guest room. I love this afghan. And the desk. And the cushions. And... Yeah, it's all fabulous!