Alms Park is Kind of Awesome

In all my years of living in Cincinnati, 10 years and counting now, I've never been to Alms Park.  I've been to Ault Park many of times, and love it, but Alms Park has always been a mystery to me...literally.  Let me explain, on several occasions Antoine and I have attempted to go to Alms Park but failed.  No, really, we just couldn't find it!  Granted we weren't using the GPS function on our iPhones, we were going old school and following park signs; you know, the ones that say "Alms Park" with  a big arrow pointing down a road you've never been on.  Well, what happened to us every time is we'd turn onto that mystery road (from Linwood Ave) and then we wouldn't see any more signs until we ended up on Columbia Parkway.  And then we'd give up, until the next time.

Well, last weekend we decided that this time we were going to find it (so we used Antoine's iphone, oh technology)!  It turns out that if you're coming from Columbia Parkway, and not from Mt. Lookout like we were in previous attempts, it's actually quite easy to find.  And it's gorgeous!!!  We had picked up some Indian from Deep India (our favorite) in Clifton Heights, so we had a little picnic and then walked around taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful views!
The pretty pavilion.

Us on top of the pavilion.  Antoine is such a sweetheart!

Loved the pagoda thing and the view of the river!

Stephen Foster statue.

I'm kind of in love with this tree!

This tree had a huge bee hive up in its knot that we could hear all the way from the ground.

The view from the other side, overlooking Lunken airport.

What a great spot!  We'll definitely be going back to Alms Park soon, especially as the weather cools down. 

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