Dog Park Fun

Though we did barely anything over our long labor day weekend except run errands, watch movies and relax, we did notice that Cheese was getting a little cooped up!  So, we decided to take him to the dog park despite the stifling heat and humidity.  I'm always amazed by Cheese when we go to the dog park, for several reasons...1.) he is just so friendly to every dog and person, he always makes his rounds getting pets from anyone who will give them, 2.) he always zeroes in on the kids and puts on his best behavior, no jumping or crowding, he's polite and gentle, 3.) that a basset hound, who can be so very lazy most of the time, has the energy to run and play nonstop (it's very rare for him to ever lay down or take a break at the dog park, even if we are there for an hour and it feels like it's a 100 degrees outside).

Before we took him in the main dog park area to play with the other dogs, we went to one of the secondary areas to play fetch with his ball for a bit.  We knew he'd be too distracted in the main fenced area with all the other dogs, and he's been so into his ball/fetch lately.  Here's some shots I took while he and Antoine played fetch...
On the left: cute and playful Cheese / on the right: creepy, saggy Cheese
"I got it!"

I guess it's just all too exciting and taxing to manage to keep his tongue in his mouth!

After fetch Cheese played in the main area of the dog park for quite a while, getting all the pets from all the people and making friends with all the kids!  You know it's hot outside when all the humans AND all the dogs are under the shade of the trees.  And despite the heat, Cheese was his usual self and played nonstop.  When we decided it was time to leave, I snapped a couple more photos of the surrounding park on our way out...

Happy Friday everyone!  I promise that next week I'll have guest bedroom goodness to share with you.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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