Weekend in Instagram

This should really be "Saturday in Instagram" because I posted a little too much on Saturday.  But it was such a great day I couldn't help myself!  It started with breakfast by Antoine. 
 His breakfasts are always the best!

Cheese proceeded to watch his dad like a hawk, in case he decided to share any of this breakfast with him!  But note the basset hound laziness, even with the smell of frying bacon in the air he doesn't leave the comfort of his bed!

Then we went on a family walk down our favorite street in Pleasant Ridge, which also happens to have a basset hound that lives there...
 I think Cheesy has a new girlfriend.  She was a little nervous and skittish at first, but she quickly warmed up to him!

A little video of our walk down Grand Vista!

After our walk we got ready and ran all around town getting groceries and whatnot (yes, shopping with us usually involves a trip to at least two, if not three, grocery stores).  Then we went to Bellevue Park while we waited for our Indian carryout from Deep India.  Once we had out takeout in hand we headed over to Alms Park to eat and take pictures.  And then we rounded out the evening with a stroll around Ault Park's gardens, followed by a trip to Yagoot for some frozen yogurt!

 Sunday was a great combination of cooking, baking and Cheese snuggling.  It obviously started off with snuggling...
"Mom! Quit being weird!"

I spent most of the day baking a carrot cake for my coworker's birthday, making creamy potato leek soup and trying to clean up the mess I made from doing the aforementioned.  Sunday was an all around exhausting yet satisfying and fulfilling day!  I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I spend the day cooking and baking...well, unless I mess something up, which thankfully I didn't!  Oh, and I did some major picture taking and photo editing this weekend, so brace yourself for a bombardment of posts.  You have been warned!

So, how was your weekend?!

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