Magnolias & Bees

And the flower-loving continues today with more magnolias, because I just can't help myself.  You might remember back in April I went mad for all the magnolias blooming in Spring Grove Cemetery?  Well, here's round two.  Whereas most magnolias bloom in the early Spring, the Southern Magnolia blooms in the summer, usually in mid to late June here in Cincinnati.  They're at the end of their blooming cycle right now and the sun is really starting to scorch their petals, turning them an amber color.  But luckily I was able to stop by Spring Grove really quick this past weekend and snap some photos of them before we headed to brunch.

You've probably seen these magnolias around because they are pretty easy to spot.  The trees tend get quite tall, the shiny leaves are a deep dark green, and the flowers are large, white and almost saucer-like.

And the bees love them...
I couldn't stop watching this bee; he was so funny!  He'd gather up this really big clump of pollen and then try to fly away with it, but it was so large that he was flying all over the place.  He wouldn't get very far before he had to make an emergency landing and take a break on another flower.  Valiant effort, bee!

So, enough about magnolias and determined honey bees...any exciting plans for July 4th?  Since we're unsure of the weather, we've decided to play it all by ear.  Antoine will probably grill up something tasty and that's always good!  Unfortunately, we both have to work on Friday, so no late night shenanigans for us.  But we are going to the Reds game Friday night, which should be fun since it will include after-game fireworks!  

I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th holiday!

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