A Walk in the Park

The weather has been so gorgeous lately...well, not today obviously (though I'd take cool and rainy over 90+ degrees and 100% humidity anyday!).  Late July in Cincinnati is usually stiflingly humid and melt-your-skin-off hot; where venturing outdoors usually results in a hot, sticky mess.  But lately the weather has barely gone over 80 degrees and the air has been crisp and pleasant, not thick and steamy like usual.  Last Thursday was one of those days...sunny, blue skies and warm, but not too warm.  So, on my way home from work I picked up some Indian food and Antoine and I (and Cheese) headed over to French Park for a picnic and a walk.
Antoine and I enjoyed our Indian food (from Deep India, our favorite!) while Cheese hoped we'd share...and then complained when we didn't!

After our picnic we decided to check out one of the nearby trails.  Although we've lived in the area for almost 4 years now, French Park is still pretty new to us.  We've only been a couple times and this was our first time on any of its trails, which I gotta say are pretty great!

And boy, oh boy, did Cheese have a great time!  He loved playing in the stream and drinking it's cool water.
So handsome!

While I was snapping some photos of some flowers, because that's what I do, this butterfly was nice enough to stop by and stick around for a bit so I could take his picture.

Well, it's official, I've definitely fallen in love with French Park!  And I can't wait to take Cheese back for another romp in the woods.  Have you ever been to French Park?  What's your favorite Cincinnati area park?  French Park is definitely the most convenient one for us, but there are so many we want to check out but haven't yet.

*In case you missed them, here's some 35mm photos I took at French Park in late April.


  1. What a wonderful adventure! I especially love the butterfly pics.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of the beauty you find in unexpected places and small details. I have never been to French Park, but would love to go walking there some time. I think Ault park is my favorite Cincinnati park. We used to walk there from our old house. We have had picnics, seen fireworks and had playdates there. My brother and law and sister in law had an engagement party there. There are many beautiful flowers. Also, I have never been to Deep India. I need to check that out too.