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What a great weekend!  The weather was gorgeous, if a little sizzling; so much better than last weekend.  My weekend began with a little detour to Lunken Airport (my first time there).  My sis and I had plans to go blueberry picking, but she had a work thing come up at Lunken so I sat in the car while she did her thing.  Unfortunately it wasn't open yet, so I couldn't see the inside...maybe some other time.

My sister and I headed to Rouster's to pick some blueberries.  Yes, it was my second time going this summer, but I couldn't help myself!  And boy oh boy, was it the perfect day for it.  Since picking got canceled last weekend because of the rain, there were tons of enormous, sweet berries on the bushes.  We picked until they closed and I walked away with another 9lbs of blueberries! 

When I got home from blueberry picking Antoine's nephew, Kayeson, was over.  Kayeson adores Guillermo and Cheese so he begged to come over to our house so he could play with them.  Cheesy love Kayeson (well, any human really), but Gui isn't too fond of how loud he is and hid behind the washer and dryer most of the time. 
 Kayeson had fun throwing the ball and making Cheese fetch it...though Cheese was exhausted after a couple hours of this!

After we took Kayeson home (with a brief stop at Hold the Nuts for some soft serve), we ran to the mall where I purchased a couple pairs of new jeans in a size smaller than I had been wearing!!  Yay!!  Despite cake-making and pie-making, Antoine and I have been doing really good lately with our calorie counting and last week we started getting up very early and going to the gym before work, two to three times a week.  It's been really great for us!  Anyway, I was in a ridiculously good mood after finding out I went down a pant size, so Antoine and I decided to celebrate with Fusian!
 I got my usual tuna roll (which is only 383 calories!) and tried their seasonal special good!  Also, a little heads up to you central/east siders, Fusian will be opening a second Cincinnati store in Hyde Park Plaza!  They are expected to open their doors in October and I can't wait!

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day...or should I say, I homebody kind of day. 
 This guy took his ball with him everywhere.

 I washed, dried and froze about 3/4 of the blueberries I had picked with my sister.

 This might have been the biggest one I picked!  It was so ridiculously sweet and delicious!

I spent a good part of the day in the kitchen washing berries, making tasty strawberry balsamic vinaigrette, and lemon curd (for something later this week).  Then Antoine grilled up some ribs and corn for dinner...seriously so good!  I couldn't even pick up the ribs because the meat just fell right off the bone.

Then Antoine and I watched Star Wars (the real ones...not the newer ones) and I whipped up some baked blueberry oatmeal for Antoine to take to work for breakfast this week.  He said it turned out great, but I didn't try any because I was too stuffed from dinner!

So, how was your weekend? 

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