One of the things I love about flowers, and trees, is that there are so many different varieties.  And every year I seem to notice something new that has been there all along but that I'm just seeing for the first time.  I love that because there are so many different types of flowers and trees out there I will never ever know what they all are and each year I get to "discover" new types and species.  Here's a couple I've just noticed this year.  I have no clue what they're called but they're both beautiful in their own way...

We actually have some of these trees on our street, but I guess I just never paid attention before!  Any idea what they are? (Mystery solved! My coworker told me this is called a Mimosa tree.  Also known as a pink silk tree.)

I've seen these around our neighborhood and there were tons at Spring Grove.  They're really tall stalks of flowers and have a really strong smell to them.

*Photos taken at Spring Grove Cemetery

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