Weekend in Instagram

Friday night Antoine and I had plans to go to a Red's game.  We're not diehard fans, mainly because we're not Cincinnati natives.  But we do enjoy going to a game or two every year.  We always make try to make sure we go to a Friday game, because we love the post-game fireworks.  Fireworks make everything better!

 Before the game we headed over to Rookwood to check out the new taco/burrito joint, Lime.  It's a chain that's just now starting to pop up around Cincinnati.  Antoine and I shared some tacos and some chips and queso and it was quite tasty!

As the sun was going down, the sky behind the stadium turned this awesome shade of purple.  It totally distracted me from the game!

We were lucky and the rain mostly held off, only sprinkling a bit here and there.  Even though the Red's lost, the fireworks were still fun...though the music selection was a bit strange...such a jumble of styles, including some strange early 2000s rap.

Saturday's nonstop rain led to blueberry picking getting cancelled and gave Antoine and I both killer headaches.  We decided to veg and take it easy all day.  I made a little progress on the afghan I'm crocheting for the guest bedroom.  I would have had it done already if I hadn't ignored it for several months!

That was pretty much our weekend, along with some errand running on Sunday.  How was your weekend?  Did the rain ruin your plans as well?


  1. Yes. The rain ruined our Saturday blueberry picking plans as well and we were all in a funk. Sunday cleared up and we enjoyed a beginner kayaking class in Winton Woods. We are now one week away from our cross country adventure.

    1. Yeah, it was definitely a bummer...but I'm glad they rescheduled it to this weekend. Hopefully it doesn't rain again! Oh cool, that sounds fun! Ahhh, yay! I forgot about your trip...I hope you guys have a great time and eat lots of tasty triple D food!

  2. Those tacos look delicious! And that crochet piece is turning out so lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at