Our Rose of Sharon

When we bought our house nearly four years ago in late August we had one lone tree in the front yard (and still do).  We thought it was just a standard, run of the mill, boring tree until the following June when it erupted with tons of light pink flowers.  And we're talking tons!  Then it wasn't until a couple years ago (when I asked people what kind of tree is this?) that I found out that it is a Rose of Sharon tree.  The thing I love most about this tree, besides the pretty flowers, is when it blooms.  While most flowering tress explode with flowers in the Spring, this tree blooms in the Summer months.  Whenever I get home from work and pull into our driveway, the sight of all those pretty pale pink flowers just makes me happy.  Flowers making me happy?  Crazy, I know!  

The bumblebees just love our Rose of Sharon trees...and I love taking pictures of them, so it all works out!

We're planning on planting a flowering cherry tree at the end of our yard, hopefully this Fall.  Two flowering trees, yippee!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th, even if it was all rainy!  Mine was relaxed and completely devoid of anything relating to Independence day...oh well.  But I did marinade some chicken breasts (using this fantastic recipe) and then Antoine grilled them up, along with some corn on the cob, and it was delicious! Oh, and we had a buck roaming around our yard last night, which was pretty exciting!  Here's a photo and another of Cheese on deer patrol.  It was pretty cool, and funny because Cheese was acting all tough, which he's not at all!  Anyway, Happy Friday!

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