Hoh Rain Forest (Olympic National Park)

Happy Monday everyone.  I don't know about you, but I wouldn't have minded one bit staying home and taking it easy today!  Oh well, back to work.  Now, I apologize if I'm overloading you with photos from our recent trip to Olympic National Park, but brace yourself...there's about to be a bunch more.  As well as a couple Seattle-related posts.

So, last time I posted Antoine and I were staying at Kalaloch Lodge (interesting fact, it's actually pronounced "clay-lock"), a great lodge right on the Washington coast, and we woke up at the crack of dawn to go tidal pooling.  After some tasty breakfast at the lodge's restaurant and a quick nap, A and I packed up our bags and headed north to our next location, Lake Crescent.  Instead of heading straight to Lake Crescent we made two slight sightseeing detours.  The first was to Hoh Rain Forest.  Because the Hoh area gets so much rain each year, everything is mossy and green there, like the greenest green ever!  It's beautiful!

The drive to Hoh Rain Forest.
While driving along we spotted a little herd of elk just hanging out next to a river.
Here's a zoomed in view.
The Hall of Mosses.  I love how the moss just hangs off the branches, like the trees are some sort of hairy creature that might come alive at any moment.
Earlier in the morning we had seen that spotted banana slug on the beach.  While in Hoh we spotted this black slug.  He/she was also one of the biggest slugs I've ever seen!

All morning the weather was drizzly and kind of gloomy, so when we saw a patch of sunlight up ahead we decided to take an impromptu detour and follow the sunshine.  The sun lead us to the picturesque Clallum Bay.  We walked on the beach, basking in the sunshine and then stopped by a local grocery store for some snacks to share in the sun.

Stay tuned because next up I'll share our favorite part of our trip!  It kind of took us by surprise.

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