Volunteer Park and Conservatory

Luckily, on our last day in Seattle our flight back to Cincinnati (via Atlanta) didn't leave until 11pm, so we had plenty of time to go out and explore the city.  We spent the morning eating delicious white chocolate macadamia nut ginger scones from Dahlia Bakery (YUM!) and leisurely packing.  Then we hit up Brave Horse Tavern for lunch (quite tasty!) before making our way up to Volunteer Park.

Volunteer Park is just one of many great Seattle parks that are free!  And dog friendly.  It's home to the Asian Art Museum, a floral conservatory and a water tower.  Plus there's green spaces to have picnics and gatherings, flowers everywhere and even a couple koi ponds.  What's not to like?
I noticed tons of poppies in Seattle, which you don't see much in Ohio.

We decided to hike up the steps of the water tower since we had so much time before our flight, and we were glad we did.
The view from the water tower was pretty great.  You could see downtown and puget sound, as well as some more residential areas.
Going down the steps of the water tower.

Our main reason for going to Volunteer Park was to check out the conservatory.  Floral conservatories are usually one of the things we enjoy visiting when we travel to a new city.  Surprise, surprise.
Overall the conservatory was pretty small, but they had a great selection of orchids and cacti.  As well as a spring room filled with lilies and hydrangea that smelled heavenly.
Not sure what type of flower this is, but it's pretty isn't it?! 

For $4 per person the Volunteer Park Conservatory was definitely worth it and the park itself seems like a great spot to hang out and relax under a tree with a little picnic.  

Stay tuned tomorrow because it's the last and final Seattle post!  I swear.  You've nearly made it, after two and a half weeks of nonstop posts.  So don't miss it!

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