[HLP]Weekend in Instagram

I don't know what happens when your best friend comes into town, but when mine comes for a visit we eat.  And from these Instagram photos it looks like that's about all we did.  But let me rewind a bit.  First Antoine and I cleaned the house like mad people, because no one should be subjected to our sloppiness but us.  I know there are crazy weird people out there who clean weekly or even daily, I just will never be that type of person.  I'm hardwired to clean only when I have to, i.e. before a trip, when we're expecting company, when my brain is about to explode from the utter messiness of our house.  I need something to motivate me, like a visit from my HLP, otherwise, I'd rather relax or do more important things like spend quality time with my boyfriend or cook or snuggle with my animals.

We recently discovered that if we give Cheese a tennis ball he will be completely distracted, which allows us to go about our business and clean without too much interruption.  He hits a certain point where the excitement of said tennis ball exhausts him so much that he has to pass out, with said tennis ball as close to him as possible, in case a human tries to take it back!

After cleaning like crazy people Thursday night, I was so excited to see Amanda after work on Friday!  Once she got into town we headed over to Ambar for some tasty Indian food.  Sorry, no picture of the delicious Indian food because we were just too famished to pause for a picture.  Afterwards we headed back to my house and chatted while I whipped up a batch of Montreal-style bagels for the next morning.  I made some chocolate chip ones this time which turned out very well. 

Saturday, we woke up, drank some iced coffee, ate a bagel and headed out for a walk around my neighborhood.  Two hours later we were exhausted and dehydrated!  Taking a 5 mile walk in 90+ degree weather in the sun probably wasn't my smartest ideas ever.  We collapsed when we got back to my house and drank as much water as we possibly could.  Then, after some showers, Amanda headed to Hyde Park to meet up with another friend, so Antoine and I ran some errands and got some Culver's.

Way to cancel out all the calories I burned on that walk, huh!?  If you've never had Culver's before, let me just say that the chocolate frozen custard will blow your mind!  For fast food ice cream it is insanely good!

Later that evening I mixed up some mojitos for Amanda and I and we planted ourselves in front of the tv to watch some Dr. Quinn.  Now, years ago Amanda and I embarked on this journey of watching all six seasons of this 90s tv show.  It was partly a bonding thing, partly something to do; a nostalgic idea of two best friends watching a show our kid-selves liked so much when we didn't even know the other existed.  Well, fast forward to this weekend...we just finished season five.  Only one more season to go!  It might have started as a fun little thing to do, but now it's more of a laborious commitment we intend to see through to the end.  Even if it kills us in the process (the last couple seasons have been difficult to make our way through...the show really goes downhill!  There's a reason why by the last couple seasons most of the viewers were women over the age of just got dull.)  So, when we find some time we grab a bottle of wine (or some mojitos) and we chip away at a couple episodes, forming our own running commentary along the way (usually we just note how utterly stupid the characters are or comment on the rugged yet sensitive creature that is Sully).  Hopefully, some day, we will finish it. 

Anyway, Cheese enjoyed our little Dr. Quinn viewing party and decided to snuggle with his aunt.

After three or so episodes of Dr. Quinn (and a couple alcoholic beverages) we decided we desperately needed cheese fries from PRC.  There really is nothing better than a little fried cheese covered food in your belly after a couple drinks.

Sunday was a lazy day.  We got up and laid around for a bit.  And then Amanda and I randomly started watching Heroes on Netflix.  We decided to take a lunch break and headed to Sitwell's for some 3 cheese melts and milkshakes.  Nothing better to time-warp us back to our college days than Sitwell's.  And the Milkway malt is like heaven with whipped cream on top.

With insanely full bellies we headed back to my house where I convinced Amanda to watch a couple more episodes of Heroes before she headed home.  Because that's what I do.  And really, she didn't need much convincing.
Once Amanda left, I just hung out on the couch with this guy being totally and completely lazy...watching Heroes.  I think Cheese was a little exhausted from all the excitement of having his Aunt Amanda in town...just a little.  Anyway, that's what I call a perfect Sunday!

How about you, how was your weekend?


  1. Looks like so much fun! I am now craving cheese fries. Miss you. Hi to Amanda. See you soon.

  2. cheese fries & a milk shake!!! M