Favorite Moments (from Instagram)

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!?  Mine was pretty relaxed, which was nice.  We finally saw Star Trek, it was fantastic!  The entire cast is just phenomenal and the movie felt like it was over in a flash!  Have you seen it?

The other day I was looking through my Instagram photos on my phone and I was struck by all the photos from this year so far and all the wonderful moments they brought to mind.  And how thankful I am for those moments and the great people (and furry creatures) in my life.  I thought I'd share some photos and reminisce a little with you since we're nearly halfway through what has been a great year so far.

My little furry babies make me so happy, even when they're driving me nuts!  Here's a photo of each of them being ridiculously cute and cuddly in bed.

I perfected my challah bread making skills around Christmas (using this recipe), so challah bread french toast was a delicious outcome.

This is from our trip to Montreal over my birthday.  We went to Fairmount Bagels and couldn't wait to try them out so we stopped by a bench and feasted on some in the freezing cold wind, it was heavenly.

 I adore it when Cheesy curls himself up into a little ball on cold nights.

A definite downside to this year was fracturing my ankle.  After a couple days in the house waiting for the swelling to go down so I could put I boot on I was going stir crazy, so Antoine took me to our favorite sushi spot.  I hobbled in on crutches and enjoyed some tasty sushi, but it tasted even better because I was out in the world and not stuck in the house.  Sushi never tasted so good. 

 Visits to Cleveland to see my best friend are always great!  But throw in a trip to Melt and I'm one happy lady!

I'm sure you haven't forgotten my slightly insane promise to myself that I would not miss the magnolias this year.  Well, it began with an extra long lunch from work to take as many magnolia photos as I could.  I fondly remember finding a little quiet spot in Spring Grove Cemetery and sitting in the sunshine, eating my lunch for a couple minutes in between taking pictures. 

Saturday mornings are for Guillermo.  It's his time to snuggle with me, while Antoine and the dog are still sleeping.  So sweet!

 I love weekends when Antoine and I have no plans and just run around town doing random errands and stopping at places here and there.  Like this time when we decided to drive all the way to Eastgate to look at plants and then we enjoyed some tasty soft serve in the sun together.  So simple, yet so lovely.

I think it's pretty well documented that ice cream is one of my favorite things about summer.  So are walks with my little family around our neighborhood.  Whether it's a short walk with Antoine and Cheese (Cheese gets tired easily and will just stop walking) or long walks with Antoine or my sister, it's always a good time.

One of my favorite things of this year so far has been our trip to Seattle and Olympic National Park, and of that trip Lake Crescent stands out.  The stillness of the lake and the beauty of it made me so thankful to be there with Antoine and share that with him.

I'm so looking forward to the rest of the year, making more memories with the people I'm crazy about!

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