Lake Crescent Lodge

Also known as our favorite part of our trip!  Maybe it was the near absence of rain while we were there.  Maybe it was our outstanding waiter who served us a tasty meal in the lodge's restaurant while we watched the sunlight slip behind the mountains and the lake.  Maybe it was the flowers all over the property or the ducks following us around everywhere.  Maybe it was the clear-blue quiet of the gorgeous lake.  Or maybe it was the relaxation of sipping wine under a tree overlooking the lake, hand in hand.  Whatever it was, Antoine and I just loved this place.  Just like any national park lodge, it's not the cheapest place to stay or eat...but we definitely loved it and enjoyed the beautiful view and surroundings.

After early morning tidal pooling and hiking in Hoh Rain Forest and our detour to Clallum Bay, Antoine and I arrived at Lake Crescent lodge with empty bellies and tired bodies...but once we saw the view and walked onto the dock all that melted away.  We were just in awe of the place.  We had a lovely yet pricey meal at the lodge's restaurant (with one of the best waiters I've ever had) and then shared a bottle of wine, sitting under a tree in a pair of Adirondack chairs and it sprinkle ever so slightly.  It was wonderful.  Oh, and I took a bunch of pictures...because that's what I do.

The lodge.

Cabins right next to the lodge.  We stayed in a separate building (called the Storm King) a little walk away from the lodge that was tucked in the moss-covered woods, but still had a view of the lake.
The lobby of the lodge.
Another slug.
Morning view of the lake.
Flowers surrounding the property.

Evening view of the lake.
We fed the ducks.  Shhh, don't tell anyone!

I would recommend Lake Crescent Lodge to anyone.  And I can say that Antoine and I will certainly be back some day, and when we return I can totally see us staying at least two days.  With that gorgeous view, nearby hiking and lake-canoe rentals there's plenty to keep you occupied and happy!

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