Yay, it's finally Friday! Whew.  That took far too long.  I'm particularly excited today because my bestest friend, my HLP,  Amanda is coming into town this weekend!  Once I'm done with work today the quality best friend time begins.  Bring on the Indian food, the wine, and the Dr. Quinn!  (We're so wild and crazy.  We might even go for a walk or two!!  So daring and provocative, I know.)

Hopefully I can keep her from hiding behind any tvs while inebriated.  (Actually, this is from when she was trying to hook up the wii during our Girl's Cabin Weekend '13...and she just happened to be slightly intoxicated.)*

Any special plans in the works for you this weekend?  Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have a great time!  Though it will suck in comparison to the awesomeness that will be HLP-weekend, try not to dwell on that too much and enjoy the sunshine!  Oh, and happy first day of summer!  Though, hasn't it felt like summer all month long? For me, the beginning of June is always the start of the summer.  It just is.

*Sorry A, I couldn't's just too awesome not to share!

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