A Hike to Marymere Falls

After a restful and slightly intoxicated night at the Lake Crescent Lodge we enjoyed breakfast in the lodge's restaurant and then decided to take a little hike before we checked out and made our way for Seattle.  Luckily there's a couple hiking trails that start at or near the lodge.  We chose the Marymere Falls hike because it was relatively short, though slightly steep at the end.  The winding trail led us through a mossy covered wood alongside a creek then up to the falls. 

We didn't really see where a the path began because it was a little overgrown, so we took a little detour which led us along the lake, but we didn't care one bit about being slightly lost because it was so pretty.
Marymere Falls.  To get to the falls you had to hike a bit of an incline but it was a wide path with a railing (for the first half of the incline), so it wasn't bad.  And you could continue on in a loop to see the falls from even higher, which we did.

Then Antoine spotted this guy while we were on our way back to the lodge.
He wasn't too concerned with us since he was munching on some vegetation, though he didn't like it much when my shutter made a noise.

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