Family Cabin Weekend in Instagram

This weekend my parents, sister, brother-in-law, Antoine, and I went to Hocking Hills for our annual Thanksgiving cabin weekend.  It's a weekend of fun, food and wii dance battles.  Good times!
Before I woke up Antoine on Saturday to get ready and hit the road, I snapped this photo of Gui being adorable!

What's the first thing we did when we got to the cabin, after putting the turkey in the oven, Antoine and I whipped up a batch of potent margaritas!  Delicious.

My sis was very happy that it started snowing, though it was only a dusting.

After our early Thanksgiving feast and more margaritas we had a wii dance battle and I took a picture of the ceiling...that's where the rest of the night was headed.  But it was good times.

Surprisingly I woke up Sunday without a hangover, by some miracle.  Antoine and I whipped up some breakfast and then we headed over to the cabin owners farm to play with his barn cats and check out his assortment of animals, which was tons of fun.  Then the kids all went for a little hike in Hocking Hills State Park while my parents took it easy.  For dinner we had leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches...
...followed by some more margaritas.  Antoine and I then decided to do a couple shots of tequila because I never head before.  I'm a fan!  Love the combination of the salt and lime with the tequila.

We finished off the night with more Just Dance and bowling on the wii.  Then Monday morning we packed up and all headed home.
I spent the last bit of my day off making scones for a work party. (Made with jams that I've made and canned myself!)

And of course I had to snuggle up on the couch with Cheese, while enjoying my favorite ginger ale!

That was my weekend!  How was your weekend?

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  1. Beautiful Scones sister! You cook like a pro.