Texas Recap: Texas State Fair (Dallas)

Finally, we've reached the end of my Texas recaps!  I apologize that it took so long, but I'm a slacker what can I say?

The last stop on our little road-trip through Texas was the Dallas/Arlington area.  Antoine was born and raised in Arlington so we had a long list of friends and family to visit.  And I happen to have a couple of relatives who live just north of Dallas, so we got to have dinner with them which was nice.  But with a list of people to see, Dallas ended up being a busy end to our trip.  We didn't really have much time to go sightseeing, though we did set aside one afternoon to go to the Texas State Fair.  Hence all my pictures of Dallas are of the State Fair.  Antoine had never been to the Texas State Fair, and I've only been to little county fairs, so we were both pretty psyched.  We ended up going on a Wednesday, so the variety of events was limited but we did manage to get $3 tickets by bringing canned food to donate, which was pretty cool.
The new Big Tex.  The original caught on fire last year. 
You buy everything with food & drink coupons, which is interesting.  We were told by many people to get the corn dogs, and we soon as we got through the gates!
This guy wanted to be my friend, which I was totally cool with!
Or maybe he just wanted his picture taken.
Sheep shearing demo.

My favorite part of the fair (besides the corn dogs and funnel cake)?  The petting zoo!  I realize that it was really geared toward kids, but it was so much fun to see so many types of animals in one place, and to be able to touch them.  And there were so many adorable baby animals!  I made Antoine go in with me a second time before we left, because I'm apparently five years old!
It was pretty neat, you could buy little cups of grain and feed the animals, which the goats especially seemed to enjoy.
This ornery donkey just wanted to steal the little feeding shovel from a little boy.   It was kind of adorable!

I'm not a fan of pigs, in general.  Growing up on a farm they were the messiest and often not the nicest.  BUT little piglets are just the cutest!

Out of all the different animals I gotta say that the baby goats were just the funniest and up to no good.  It was absolutely adorable when one would all of a sudden start bucking and hopping around for no apparent reason.  Then, there was this little mischief maker who acted like he was the king of the herd...

...until a bigger goat came along and showed him who was really in charge!

When we stopped by later in the afternoon, before heading back to our hotel, most of the animals were exhausted from a morning of kids hand-feeding them.

We had a great time at the State Fair and everywhere we went in Texas.  I gotta say that I didn't think I was going to like Texas as much as I did.  It surprised me!  Though it's probably no surprise to anyone that I liked Austin the best and I would like to go back again sometime.  However, I'm not sure when...Antoine and I have a long list of places we want to visit and see, so it might be awhile.  Our next big trip is to Hawaii (yay!!), but that's a little over six months away.

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!  I have a long weekend ahead of me since I get Veteran's day off, but I'll be back next week with some autumn goodness from my recent trip to northern Ohio.  Have a great weekend!

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