A Walk in Wellington

Back at the beginning of November, my sister and I went traveled to northern Ohio to visit our parents and grandparents.  We got into my parents late Friday night, it's about a three and a half hour drive from Cincinnati.  Saturday morning we woke up early and went to the local butcher slaughterhouse to stock up on meat to take back home.  I know that sounds weird, but growing up we always went there (either to have an animal slaughtered and processed when we had a farm or to buy good meat when we didn't).  It's a great little family owned and operated place that supplies their meat from their own family-run farms.  And in this era of factory farming, it's a place I've come to really respect and admire.  Plus their meat is affordable and delicious!  Seriously, their bacon is insane...thick cut and not at all fatty.  Mmm, now I want bacon.

Anyway, back to visiting my parents...after Turks, we headed over to my grandparents to sit and visit with them.  Then we grabbed an late lunch/early dinner with Amanda and Aaron at Melt in Cleveland Heights.  It was a busy day of driving around and visiting, but it was great!  On Sunday, before hitting the road, my parents, sister and I headed into Wellington to get some coffee and take a walk.  See, my parents live in the middle of nowhere, so the nearest real town (Wellingon, or Ashland if you go south) is about 15 minutes down the road.  Wellington is always a town I've loved, because of it's beautiful homes and quaint charm, and it's so pretty in the Fall!
I've never noticed that this building says "cheese" on it, it made me love the town even more than I already did!
The Town Hall

Like I said, one of the most intriguing aspects of Wellington are the gorgeous homes that line the streets.  Here's some of my favorites...

I've got a bunch more Autumnal northern Ohio photos to share later this week so stay tuned!


  1. Love these photos and spending time with my sister. :)

    1. I've got some film photos to develop, but once I do I'll share those! Ditto, sister! Looking forward to kicking your butt at Just Dance this weekend!! :)