Long Weekend in Instagram

I've been feeling crappy lately, so excuse me for taking so long to post.  And I apologize that all I have for you are some Instagram photos, but that's that.  Anyway, it was a nice long weekend for us since we had Veteran's day off from work, so here we go...
It started off with some basset-snuggling.  Cheese has been glued to my lap lately.  It might be because he loves me, or it could be the heated blanket I've had draped over my lap lately.  Hmm, I wonder?

I woke up early on Saturday, so while Antoine was still snoozing away Cheese snuggled with me while I read.

After Antoine woke up we made breakfast together and then got ready for a day of running errands.

Sunday morning I helped Antoine whip up some sausage gravy, and he was nice enough to make me a egg and cheese sandwich (with a little sausage gravy on top).

Sunday was a lazy day.  I hung out with the animals (Gui got in some snuggling time of his own) and that evening whipped up a batch of Montreal-style bagels. 

Monday morning I made a quick stop by Spring Grove to use up some film and enjoy the lovely golden Ginkgo trees.

Then I headed over to a friend/coworker's house, where she taught a little bookbinding workshop for some of the ladies I work with.  We also ate some delicious food and chatted, it was wonderful.
This is commonly known as a Secret Belgium Binding.  I made two during  the workshop, this butterfly one and a dog one.

After the workshop, Antoine and I headed over to the new(ish) movie theater near our house to finally see Gravity.  They were only showing it in 3D (which I'm generally not crazy about because I'm always worried it is going to give me a headache), but it was great!  So suspenseful and beautiful, we both really enjoyed it!  And that was our weekend!  How was your weekend?!

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