Mohican State Park

After our little walk through Wellington, my parents, my sister and I grabbed a late breakfast before Michelle and I hit the road.  After breakfast, instead of heading straight to Cincinnati, Michelle and I decided to take a little detour and do a little bit a hiking in Mohican State Park.  Mohican is only an hour away from where I grew up, but for some reason we never really went there.  I think I've only been there once or twice before my sis and I went, and that was to go canoeing.  It's definitely a place I want to check out again when I go to visit my parents, especially once the weather gets nicer.  
The covered bridge right by the hiking trail we took...unfortunately I could get a very good photo of it because people and cars kept getting in my way.
On either side of the bridge there was a little pedestrian walkway, this is the one my sister and I took.  It was very scary and very creaky.  On our way back to the car we decided to walk through the tunnel on the pavement, just to be safe.

Like I said it was a short walk, but I have a little collection of photos from the same hike that I'll be sharing tomorrow.  So I'll see you then.

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