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What a fantastic weekend! On Friday, Michelle (my sister), Helene (her best friend) and I made our way to Hocking Hills.  There we met up with Amanda (my best friend), who lives in Cleveland.  And with that, girl's weekend began.  We had been planning this weekend for forever and we were all beyond excited for a little relaxing time together.  We rented this awesome cabin, which had more than enough room for all of us.  And, fyi, it is owned by the sweetest people ever!  Bud even drove past, saw us trying to collect wood for a fire and within 5 minutes was at our cabin with kindling, newspaper and a lighter...and then he built our fire for us!  So sweet!

It was a pretty relaxed weekend.  Since I'm still recovering from a fractured ankle we only did a very modest amount of easy "hiking" (aka walking).  We mainly played wii dance and cards against humanity (All our first time playing! It was an offensively good-time!), drank wine, ate tasty food and talked.  Here's some highlights via Instagram:

1.) Creepy-ass bear lamps that were in each of our rooms (except Amanda's).  I was lucky enough to have two in my room, one on either side of the bed!  Going to bed the first night was a little terrifying, but then I got used to them.
2.)  Breakfast consisted of fruit salad and sticky buns, both made by moi! (Side note: I love Bake with Anna Olson!  I first saw it when we were in Vancouver, and I really wish we had it here.  Hell, I just wish I had the Food Network sometimes!)
3.) For our post-hike lunch on Saturday I, with the help of my sous-chef Amanda, whipped up a red pepper, broccoli and goat cheese quiche.  (Sorry, no recipe...I just winged it.)
4.)  After Bud was nice enough to start a fire for us, we roasted marshmallows, made s'mores and cracked open a couple bottles of wine, relaxing by the fire.
5.)  Then things got out of control or rather, I got out of control.  I apparently was so excited to be out of the house with the ladies that I decided to drink FAR TOO MUCH wine!  It was much more wine than one person should ever drink, the next day was proof of that...worst hangover of my life!  Though, I did still manage to kick some ass at wii dance!  And none of my competitors were nearly as intoxicated me.
6.) Guillermo was permanently glued to my lap once I got home Sunday afternoon.

Waking up Sunday morning sucked!  Not only because my brain felt as if it had shriveled up like a raisin, but also because it was time to pack up and head home.  After sleeping in the car the entire two and a half hour drive (because, did I mention, I was so stupid the night before apparently thinking I was 21 again!?), I got home and Antoine made me a late lunch while I vegged on the couch and attempted to recover from my hangover.

Still, what a great weekend!  Let's just pretend the part where I turned into a wine-guzzling idiot didn't happen, okay?!  I can't wait for the next girl's weekend!  Stay tuned for some more weekend related goodness, once I finally get around to editing my photos.

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