French Park at Dusk

So, this is how behind I am on editing and uploading my photos...these photos are from mid/late March.  I know, it's ridiculous!  But I'm trying to play catch-up, I'm just a little slow.  Anyway these are from sometime in mid or late March when we had a little break in the snowy, cold weather and were treated to a lovely, sunny day.  Antoine and I decided to pack up some food (and the Cheese-man) and head over to French Park for a little picnic and a walk.
It's a little out of focus, but I couldn't resist sharing it.  Cheese loves to ride in the car because he knows he gets to go somewhere.  Even if that "somewhere" is the vet, he's a happy guy.  He's weird!  Anyway, I think he knows the route to French Park now so he was getting pretty excited.  Plus, he got to ride with the windows down which he loves in Antoine's car because he can actually look out (my windows sit a little too high for him).

We got there a little late, so it was a race against the sun and we had to eat quickly...but I love the orange glow left by the setting sun.
Lucky for us we brought our hiking boots that day, we saw a couple people turn back from the trail because it was too muddy.  We're a little boring, we almost always take the same trail through French Park but it is a pretty great trail and it's just the right length to stimulate Cheese but not tire him out too much that he refuses to walk back to the car.
I think this one is my favorite!  So handsome.

I hope no one is getting tired of photos of French Park, because there will definitely be many more this year.  It's such a great park and Cheese always enjoys it.  And I'm looking forward to seeing more bees and butterflies this year!

I have a ton more photos to share, though fair warning...most of them are of flowers.  You have been warned!!

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