Tree Envy

So there's this house across the street from us that foreclosed a little while back.  It's actually really sad, they were great people and the husband, James, was probably Cheese's favorite person in the universe.  And the really awesome thing was it was a totally reciprocal infatuation.  They were great people and it is sad that they are no longer on our little street.  After their house foreclosed it was put on the market and purchased by a company that flips houses.  The buyers (or rather their crew) have completely overhauled the house; gutted the inside, re-shingled the roof, re-sided the entire exterior and re-framed the front porch.  I'd say their probably about 70 to 75% done with the re-hab.  It's pretty impressive and I've been taking every chance I can get to tell my hlp how awesome it would be if she and her boyfriend left that crummy Cleveland and moved to Cincinnati and lived right across from us!  Like, I could walk over to their house in my pajamas!  No big deal.  Amanda, if you are reading this stop rolling your eyes!!

Part of the reason it'd be so cool if they bought the house across the street, besides having my best friend within walking distance, free pet-sitting for both parties, endless opportunities to grill out together, watch Dr. Quinn (imagine, Amanda, we could finally finish it!) and hang all the time, etc., is that this house happens to have three gorgeous, flowering trees that I am totally smitten over...
 It's no surprise that the tree I'm probably most in love with is this ENORMOUS and beautiful magnolia tree in the back yard.  It is seriously the biggest one I've seen of this kind in Cincinnati!  So naturally I've been sneaking over into the yard when the construction guys pack up for the night to snap some photos.  My neighbors probably think I'm nuts, but oh well.

In the front yard there are two other amazing trees, this cherry blossom (that promptly budded a couple blossoms and then receded after the frost/freeze we had)...

And then more recently this pink dogwood (also in the front) has come to life.  I am so obsessed with how the sunlight hits dogwoods and their petals just seem to glow...

Now I totally want to get a pink dogwood for our backyard! 

But in other news, our kwanzan cherry tree that we got for free through the ReLeaf program last year and planted in our front yard is starting to bloom!

It's still just a little guy right now, but I can't wait to watch it grow and get bigger and more beautiful every year.

Alright, so that's the last of my obsessive tree lust for now.  Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have a great weekend!  I think we're going to hit up Crafty Supermarket this weekend, which I highly recommend you check out.  It's always a good time and the vendors are always so wonderful. 

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